Monday’s Are Good For..

It's Mondays and that's ok fancy textMonday’s Are Good For….

While many don’t love a Monday morning after a relaxing, enjoyable weekend, many of us in the real estate profession are not unlike the Dowager on the TV show “Downton Abbey” who somewhat confused, very honestly asked: “The weekend? What is that?” Yes, in the real estate profession, weekends are often as busy – if not busier – than weekdays. Weekends blurr easily into weekdays and can make us lose sight of potential new beginnings.


But back to Monday’s. How do you cure Monday Blues? Different things work for different people, but one thing worthy of your consideration is that if indeed Monday is the beginning of the week, it can also be the perfect day to start a new habit or routine. Or break a bad one. Something about the ‘first day’ can trigger the imagination and motivate. Maybe Monday mornings are slower for you to allow you to identify what you might start doing today for the first time, or re-start that which you abandoned in the past? If that all feels too rushed, maybe today spend the time to figure out what you might start NEXT Monday?


All days are good days in my books. Each day is a very rare and special gift. Every day that concludes is a day you will never have again. Don’t ever waste a good thing.