For helping to keep our community safe during flooding!
Because of the efforts of our residents and leaders, Sea Bright is now an


Recognized by FEMA and the State of NJ!
‘Below are a few commonly asked questions about flooding:
  1. QUESTION: Does my homeowners’ insurance cover floods?

);;:> ANSWER: NO! You must purchase a separate Flood Insurance Policy to be covered for flood events. Purchase today! Don’t wait for the next flood, as there is a 30-day waiting period for coverage to begin – not enough time to find out what the weather forecast is!

2. QUESTION: What about all the great stuff I have in my house. Does my Flood Insurance policy cover the contents of my home?
);;:> ANSWER: NO! Protect your belongings by adding Contents Insurance to your coverage. It does not typically cost much more and can provide extra peace of mind should your property become flooded.

3. QUESTION: What can I do to protect my home or business from future floods?

ANSWER: You can join in with your many friends and neighbors who have elevated their homes, floodproofed their businesses with venting,checking your building for water entry points and addressing them,installing mechanisms to prevent sewer back-ups, developing a disaster response plan, and more! Check with our local Floodplain Department 732-842-0099 ext. 128 for more information and to develop a plan NOW for your property.

4. QUESTION: Sounds great, but what ELSE can I do?

ANSWER: There are many simple steps you can take to be better prepared for the next emergency, such as: knowing how to shut off electricity and gas, making a list of emergency numbers, creating a household inventory, placing insurance and other important papers in a safe place.

Sea Bright Building Department is always here to help you. We can provide flood information, maps, and other data to help you prepare and understand your risk. Call us at 732-842-0099 ext. 110 or 128 or visit FEMA website at www.ready. gov/floods for more helpful information.