Home Renovation Ideas for 2023:

How To Make A Perfect New Home

Renovation vs Remodeling: What is the Difference?

Even though the terms renovate and remodel are used interchangeably they in fact have two completely different meanings. Knowing what they both mean can help you make sure you give your contractor or mortgage lender the correct terminology. That way you are able to obtain accurate estimates, as well as the best rates or terms for your loan to have the renovation or remodeling done.

Renovation ultimately refers to the updating and/or restoring of a single room or multiple rooms within the home. It will still have the same functions as it did before but the way it looks overall will change.

Remodeling refers to changing the functionality of a single room or multiple rooms within the home as well as updating its design so it looks different than it did before.

Both options can transform the way your home looks and how it operates and can definitely increase the value of your home. In this article, we will be going over 6 renovation ideas for the home. To find out which ideas are trending in 2023 keep reading below.

6 Top Renovation Ideas

Every single year there are many different home renovation trends that change with each passing month. Some retain their popularity for a long time, while others are here today and gone tomorrow. The following is the list of the 6 renovation ideas that are trending in 2023.

1. Spa Bathrooms

Creating an elegant, spa-like environment within your home’s bathroom can provide you with a relaxing place to unwind after a long day at work. If you just need somewhere to clear your head and breath you should consider renovating your existing bathroom. An exquisite bathroon mirror would be a good idea.

Installing a large, deep bathtub, walk-in or stand-up shower, featuring a lighted LED mirror to the wall to create the right ambience, and a calm but warm color palette for the walls. You can add natured inspired wallpaper or tiles to bring the look together. And you can’t forget to stock up on Jasmine and Vanilla scented candles.

If you don’t have a lot of storage space in your bathroom you could consider adding built-in shelves or storage cabinets. That way you can store all of your essentials to keep the bathroom clutter free to maintain that calm and soothing atmosphere.

2. Bold Colored Wallpaper

Wallpaper was a huge hit back in the ’70s and it’s making a massive comeback in 2023. For several years most people have shunned the use of wallpaper instead they began reaching for the sleek gloss of well-primed paint treatments. Today those same people have now decided that having boldly printed wallpaper on just one wall is a perfect way to transform any room within your home.

Applying wallpaper is actually less time-consuming than having to paint an entire room and it’s cost-effective too because if you’re only going to wallpaper one wall within a single room in your home such as your living room you will likely spend less money on a small roll of wallpaper than on a gallon or more of paint.

Wallpaper can be a great way to add your own personal flare to your living space, not only that but wallpaper can work in relatively any room in your home. Of course, wallpapering an entire room may not be the best way to change a room’s look but sticking with one accent wall to show off your personality is all the trend nowadays.

3. Large Banks Of Windows

Can you think of anything better than having natural light in your home? One of the easiest ways to add some natural lighting to your living space is by having large banks of windows. You can achieve this by simply installing multiple windows on many different walls within a room.

Or you can install floor-to-ceiling windows on one single wall within a room and make it the focal point of the entire room. Larger windows can really open up your living space, creating a bright, warm, tantalizing atmosphere that you can enjoy each and every day.

Updated UV blocking technologies are built into a lot of different window options which combined with the need for lower lighting can help decrease energy usage. You can also install an LED mirror on one side of your living room wall and have the large banked windows on the opposite side.

4. Multifunctional Island

The kitchen island has been taking up kitchen floor space in people’s homes for many, many years. However, kitchen islands today do much more than just provide extra counter space. Most homeowners who have kitchen islands installed in their kitchens have their dishwashers, trash pullouts, and sinks placed within them to save up on space.

This allows you to have extra room throughout your entire kitchen for other appliances and if your kitchen is already on the smaller side you can still have a kitchen table with chairs to be able to sit down and eat dinner with your family.

The 2023 trend surrounding kitchen islands is installing large seating areas around your kitchen island so the whole family and your close friends can gather together to make many new memories.

5. Multifunctional Rooms

The past 2 years have made one thing very clear, most people’s homes don’t provide enough workspace for every family member to utilize, especially if you’re currently working from home and there are multiple family members working virtually also.

That’s why creating multifunctional rooms within the home is a huge trend. Today more people are working from home than ever before and kids are going to school via virtual learning. Families want their homes to have enough space for working and learning from home. That way they’re not interrupting spontaneous Zoom or Skype meetings or tripping over one another while trying to be productive.

That can mean transforming a spare bedroom into another office if you already have a main office in your home. The kids can utilize that new space for their online learning or if you don’t need a space to work but want somewhere to unwind within your home you can add couches to home offices, a breakfast nook in the kitchen, or a swing chair that you install in the ceiling in the bedroom.

6. Built-In Storage

No matter how much of a minimalist lifestyle you currently living in, everyone needs a place for plenty of storage within the home. The trend surrounding built-in storage includes installing cubbies in mudrooms, adding pull-out shelves to the open space in the dining room, and installing hooks in the bathroom, bedroom, closet, and entryway.

So you can hang up all kinds of things such as keys, jackets, bathrobes, chargers, hand towels, and chalkboards. As well as installing stylish open shelving in bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms for overall decorative purposes and to store all sorts of different items for easy access and to highlight your favorite nic-nacks, books, and statues for all to see.


These 6 renovation ideas are the hottest trends that are rotating around the internet among all inspiring interior designers whether they are amateurs or pros. You can count on your home becoming a warm and welcoming space if you decide to run with one of these ideas. Now you know how to make a perfect home. Hopefully, these 6 renovation ideas have got your creative juices flowing. How will you update your home?

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