Notice of Short Term Sea Bright NJ Rentals Ordinance

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The Sea Bright Borough Council recently approved Ordinance No. 10-2022 which will govern the operation of Short-Term Rental properties effective January 12023.
The ordinance and its requirements are outlined below.

Summary and Objectives: On November 14, 2022, the Sea Bright Governing Body adopted Ordinance ­

No. 10-2022 which defines the operation of Short-Term Rental properties within the Borough.

The objective of this ordinance is to establish a framework for the registration, oversight, compliance, and enforcement of properties used for Short Term Rentals in a way that is consistent with Municipal and State requirements .

Principal Tenants of the Ordinance:

Short Term Rental : Ordinance will take effect for rental occupancy occurring after 1/1/2023

Short Term Rental : is defined as properties rented for less than 90 contiguous days

A minimum rental stay period of 7 consecutive days is imposed

An annual registration fee of $500 is required prior to advertising for and/or property rental 

Certificate of Occupancy inspection is required  and will be scheduled after registration and application payment are completed

24/7 Contact information for responsible party must be included with registration

Pursuant to New Jersey P.L. 2022 c.92, PROOF of Liability Insurance is required for all rental properties
(see Borough Ordinance No. 11-2022}

Municipal tax of 3% will be collected by Marketplace Vendors (AIRBnB, VRBO, etc.}

Short Term Rental property owners will be held responsible for non-compliance with the STR Ordinance 

Violations will be issued for Non-Compliance asfollows:

  • First Offense: Warning

  • Second Offense: $100-500 Fine

  • Third or more Offenses: $5002000 and potential termination of STR permit

Information on Short Term Rental requirements and Borough Ordinances No. 10-2022 and No. 11-2022
can be found on the Sea Bright municipal website at

Should you have any questions,the Housing Department can be reached at extension 110 or 120.

Sincerely, Tom Haege
Housing Inspector