July 18, 2019

4 DIY Things You Can Do to Lower Your Energy Bill This Summer

If you live in a place where summer heat is an issue, this time of year can mean substantially higher energy costs. Here are four low-cost, […]
December 17, 2010

Advocating for you in New Jersey

Many Low Income  older New Jersey residents are missing out on food assistance; others are confounded by all the complex paperwork and requirements. AARP New Jersey […]
November 1, 2010

November 2010 Newsletter

The way to succeed is to double your error rate. ~Thomas J. Watson Featured In This Issue Special Days and EventsPending Home Sales Show Another GainAre […]
June 18, 2010

#4 Priority Eco Friendly Energy Efficient

Priority #4 – Get Efficient Budget to make a smart and eco-friendly investment in your home such as: Going tankless. Installing a tankless hot water heater […]
February 2, 2010

Be Sure to Know Whether You Qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit

Be Sure to Know Whether You Qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit  The Earned Income Tax Credit, commonly referred to as EITC, can be a […]
January 13, 2010

Energy Bills Got Ya’ Down! – Get Even with Energy Improvement Tax Credits

Any Tax Credits for me, a current homeowner? If you are impacted by the cold wave or saw your air conditioning bill skyrocket last year, now […]