November 24, 2021

Top 5 Projects To Boost Resale Value

Buyers wonder about the age and upkeep of certain big-ticket features in a home like the roof and HVAC system. They also are interested in just […]
December 23, 2020

10 Homeowners Design Trends for 2021

1. The multi-zone kitchen.  2. Sconce lighting.  3. Rejuvenating bathroom design. 4. Oversized rectangle tile. 5. Browns and beiges return.   6. Home offices and nooks. 7. Video […]
June 9, 2019

The Most Common Thing Homeowners Regret Not Having in Their Homes

So, if you’re on the hunt for a new home, consider this data food for thought—and good reason to evaluate your own kitchen storage needs before buying.
October 19, 2017

10 Kitchen Renovations Tips

DO YOUR RESEARCH Use websites like Pinterest to search different kitchen styles. Once you have an idea of what you want you can add and subtract […]
November 5, 2010

Staging Your Kitchen for Sale!

October 17, 2010

What today’s buyers want…

Cozy Connected Kitchens The kitchen is not for just cooking; it's a gathering place for families, work space and ope area to pursue craft projects and […]
August 21, 2010

Visiting the Fish Market, Ready to Eat while on Vacation

Visiting the Fish Market, Ready to Eat   IT can be frustrating to visit a fish market at the Shore if, like many vacationers, you don’t […]
November 2, 2009

Under the Sink Archives

Don't file away the manuals to your kitchen and bath fixtures, instead slip them into a zip lock plastic baggie and hang them in the cabinet […]
February 5, 2009

4 Rehab Must Dos for Today’s Market

Kitchen Island ideally one with lots of storage Sealed shower multiple shower heads and outside vent to prevent mold build up Stainless Steel Appliances essential today […]